July 21 - 28, 2024. The dates of this trip are exclusive of travel!

Lugazi, Uganda, 2024 – July 21 – 28, 2024 (Team 2)

The cost of this trip for each volunteer is tax deductible donation of approximately $850.00.  You will be notified of the final cost as soon as possible.  Volunteers are also responsible for purchasing their international airfare to Entebbe, Uganda (EBB). 

About the trip: GFR has been invited to provide primary health care by an established NGO focusing on education and health improvement in rural areas in the Lugazi region on the northern shore of Lake Victoria.  Our team will provide medical and dental care and our partner organization will provide health education to villagers of all ages.  On our first day of clinic we will tour a school and have the opportunity to provide screening physicals for the school children.  We will also receive an interactive talk on the culture and history of Uganda from our local NGO director.  The last 4 clinic days will be in surrounding rural communities and we will provide care for approximately 150-200 patients per day.  We will see everyone from pregnant women and tiny babies to the very oldest community members.  Many of our patients normally travel all day by foot or bicycle to obtain healthcare, and frequently can’t obtain it due to the long distances.

Our team will have a total of 14 volunteers (mostly physicians, dentists, PA /NPs, dental technicians, EMTs and a few non-medical staff) due to the limitations of the compound where we are staying.  Apply early as this trip will fill quickly!

Sustainability:  GFR is partnering with a local NGO in Uganda dedicated to education and health improvement. As we build our partnership, we are continuing to focus on permanent water filtration systems, training for nurses, and will continue to help our partners reach their goal of a developing a mobile health center in areas where people now travel for a full day by bike or walking to obtain health care.

Clean drinking water and health centers will benefit Ugandan children who otherwise are unable to obtain healthcare.  Up to two-thirds of the Ugandan children in these areas have lost one or both parents, affecting all aspects of their growth, development, and futures. Many of these orphans now live with relatives who struggle to feed their own children and have difficulty funding additional school costs and medical care. Their futures are uncertain and sadly, their health status is compromised from an early age.

GFR has a long history of building and repairing schools, clinics, and community centers in areas where we provide care, as well as placing permanent drinking water treatment facilities in communities that have great need.  In 2022, we built a school in the Peruvian Amazon, and in 2023 we built a community center and orphanage in Liberia, in addition to completing the installation of water purification systems in India and Zambia as well as  two water purification facilities in Uganda. We will ensure their continued operation of these facilities in 2024 and will also be providing a new community center in the Peruvian Amazon in 2024.

Arrivals and Departures for the Medical/DentalTeam: Please arrive in Entebbe, Uganda (airport code EBB) prior to the start date of the trip (July 21, 2024).  Your team will hold 5 days of medical clinics with a rest/sightseeing day during the week.  Your return transportation to Entebbe is included in your trip fee.  Your trip ends in Entebbe on July 28, 2024.  Please see the “after the trip” section for more information on staying longer in the “Pearl of Africa”.

What’s Included: This trip includes lodging, transportation, translators, water, and all meals within the official dates of the trip.  Transportation from Entebbe to Lugazi and from Lugazi to Entebbe is included.  Most clinic supplies and any special projects are covered by GFR but in 2024, we are adding a $200 per person fee to cover the increased cost of medications and supplies.

What’s Not Included: Your international airfare, snacks and drinks other than water, personal vaccines, and pre/post trip travel costs and expenses, trip insurance, your online e-visa (if required), and any post- trip adventures you wish to engage in while in Africa!

Cost: The cost of this trip is approximately $850.00 per person plus airfare. You are responsible for purchasing airfare that meets the required arrival and departure times.  We always suggest giving yourself extra time for delayed or cancelled flights and that you purchase trip insurance from a reputable carrier.  This trip is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You or your donors will receive a tax receipt upon making your donation.

How is your cost calculated?: At Global First Responder we strive to keep your costs low and our quality high.   We value your participation and willingness to volunteer your time and expertise. Everyone at Global First Responder is also a volunteer, donating their time to administrative tasks and paying their own way to participate in medical and construction missions around the world and here at home.  The fee you pay covers the actual cost of your expenses in country including lodging, transportation, meals, and translator fees and expenses. In 2024, we are adding a $200 general fee to each volunteer cover the increased costs of medications and supplies so that we can continue to provide excellent care for our patients.   At GFR, no one is paid a salary and everyone is a passionate volunteer, doing our part to help drive our mission of “One Global World, One Global Family”.

After the tripThere is so much to do in Uganda that it is hard for us to choose what to highlight for you!

The famous Murchison Falls National Park is the most popular national park, and you may choose to join safari game drives, boat cruises, bird -watching of over 450 species of birds, and chimp tracking, to name a few amazing options. Uganda guides are license and registered so you can feel comfortable when you book a trip.  The park is about a 6 hour drive from Entebbe (don’t look at google maps! – that is as the crow flies and we aren’t crows…) or an 8 hour drive from Lugazi.

Another amazing option for extending your stay is a trip to the Mountain Gorillas (either in Uganda or neighboring Rwanda).  You can fly or drive and the options are endless for where to stay around the park you choose for your gorilla trek.  If you choose Bwindi, the Impenetrable Forest for your mountain gorilla trek, you can also trek to see the Golden Monkeys before or after your gorilla trek.  Please note: if you are considering the Mountain Gorillas, check them out now – only 8 passes per day per gorilla family are released and the sooner you apply for passes, the more likely you are to get them for the day you want.  This is even more important if you intend to go with other members of the team or your family.

A visit to Ngamba Island, a chimpanzee rehabilitation center right in Entebbe is also a great option that doesn’t require multiple overnights. You can ride with the team to Entebbe, book a hotel for the night and easily set up a tour of the island.   Finally, the zoo and the botanical gardens in Entebbe are a wonderful experience for those not looking for a full day trip!

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If this is your first time applying in our application system, please create a login and password.  You may use this login and password for all future trips you apply for (and we hope to see you on LOTS of GFR trips!!)

Sample Itinerary: 

Prior to July 21, 2024:  Plan to arrive in Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport as required. If you arrive prior to the meeting time set for the team, please plan on having meals and lodging “on your own”.  The arrival time, date, hotel locations and other plans will be given to you as soon as we have them finalized.

July 21, 2024: This is the official start of the GFR trip.  You are required to be in early in the morning to catch your transportation to Lugazi!  Join the team for breakfast in the designated hotel to meet with your team leader and team.   Your team will travel by private van from Entebbe to Lugazi (3 hour drive) to a simple but comfortable guesthouse where we will spend the rest of our trip.  This is a family compound and our host family and local women will cook delicious Ugandan cuisine here for us each day.   Upon arrival, your team will come together to organize supplies and get ready for the week.

After lunch the team will take a short hike through the nearby Mabira Forest and relax there for drinks (on your own) at the Rainforest Lodge. You won’t have to hike back though!  Your transportation will be waiting for us for the return to our family compound and dinner (included).

July 22, 2024: Your team will tour a local school and then offer a health- screening clinic for the students. Our local NGO director will share his insights about Ugandan culture and history in an informative afternoon talk as well.

July 23 and 24, 2024:  Our local partner will transport the team to surrounding communities where we will join our translators and health educators to provide basic medical care and education for 150 -200 patients each day.

July 25, 2024:  Today is your rest day!  You can choose to rest at the compound where we are staying or join the team on an excursion!  Past trips have included an excursion to the mouth of the Nile River, Jinja Town, or some hiking for butterflies!

July 26 and 27, 2024: We will continue to work in 2 more communities with our translators and health educators, providing health care for 150 – 200 patients each day.

July 28, 2024: Your airport transfer is provided to Entebbe International Airport (3 hour drive) in the morning.  You may choose to fly home or choose to extend your stay in Africa!  Please schedule your flights in the late afternoon or later to allow for transport to the airport and traffic.  Early flights can not be accommodated but arrangements at your own cost can be arranged.  Consider staying longer in the “Pearl of Africa”!