Global First Responder

International Medical Relief and Medical Missions

Global First Responder (GFR) is a secular, nonprofit, international medical relief organization founded by Dr. Adam Beckett in 2011. 

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti left emergency response organizations in disarray, Dr. Beckett recognized the need for a centralized network of relief agencies and their associated volunteers. He began by developing a database and website to meet this need, while establishing GFR: a nimble, non-government organization capable of coordinating teams of experts and professionals, deployed to serve needed capacities on high-impact, short-term trips to regions in need.

To date Global First Responder has worked in 14 countries around the world in cooperation with multiple non-government relief organizations.

GFR endeavors to provide rapid response teams to sites of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. GFR teams are primarily comprised of medical professionals, but often include those with skill sets in teaching, agricultural development and construction. Utilizing a team diversity approach allows for healthcare and health education delivery, as well as community development projects, such as school and hospital construction.

Affiliates of Global First Responder

Global First Responder is a non-religious, non-politically affiliated, not-for-profit organization. Comprised fully of volunteers, no member of the staff or board receives any compensation. Global First Responder is proud to be affiliated with fellow globally conscious and dedicated partners: