Change Lives Across the Globe

General Donations

Donations to our general fund are allocated to countries in need. The money donated is used to buy medication, fund construction projects and improve the quality of healthcare in developing countries.

150000 Lives Effected

36 Trips

30240 Volunteer Hours

How does your donation affect lives around the world?






What can $25 get us?

Buy 1 week of medication for a non-critical patient

3 months of hypertension medication for one patient

3 months of oral diabetes medication for one patient

What can $100 get us?

2 weeks of diabetes medication for 10-20 people

2 weeks of blood pressure medication for 10-20 people

Buy small supplies for hospitals such as light bulbs

What can $500 get us?

Equip a hospital with WiFi for 1 year

Deworm a village of up to 25,000 people

Malaria treatment for over 200 people

What can $1,000 get us?

150 x-rays

25 man-days of local labor

3 translators for one week

Local transportation for one week

What can $10,000 get us?

Solar battery and installation.

Build 1 school in Haiti

Install 3 incinerators in hospitals that poor waste into ditches and streams

Install solar equipment on a cancer treatment facility in Puerto Rico

Add 2 additions to hospitals

Install solar on a hospital in the Congo to allow surgeons light to perform night time surgeries that were previously performed by cell phone light


Donations for the supplies

Supplies help tremendously on our mission trips. We accept donations of non-expired medication, sutures, small medical equipment, building supplies, and solar supplies. Contact Us to make donations.

You believed you had seen, and knew what poverty was, but nothing had prepared you for what true poverty is.

- Steve Koirtyohann

GFR Volunteer, Haiti