Change Lives of Those
Around the World


Global First Responder would not exist without the generosity of our donors.

GFR is a group of regular people doing extraordinary things to change the world. One of GFR’s goals is to increase global participation in relief work. It is because of donations that GFR is able to continue its medical and sustainability projects where we travel. Without you, there would be no Global First Responder.

General Donations

All donations received by GFR are added to a general fund and allocated to countries that are in need, unless the donor requests a specific GFR fund.  All donated money goes to purchasing medications, medical supplies, fund construction projects such as building schools and small clinics and sustainability projects such as clean water and sanitation projects to improve overall health in developing countries. 

Global First Responder advocates for global healthcare equality

lives affected

Global First Responder partners with communities


Global First Responders has teams of more than just medical professionals

volunteer hours

How does your donation affect lives around the world?

In the future, your donations will help us to:

  • Install water treatment facilities that save women and children hours each day and keep children healthy enough to go to school in Uganda, Zambia, Thailand, and Senegal
  • Provide medical and dental care and food for street children in Senegal
  • Provide year-round health education for villages in Uganda
  • Build another school in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Saving children’s teeth through dental restorations, helping them stay healthier throughout their life
  • Care for patients in old age homes and orphanages in India
  • And so much more…

Donations for the supplies

Supplies help tremendously on our mission trips. We accept donations of non-expired medication, sutures, small medical equipment, building supplies, and solar supplies.

Morocco gave me perspective on life, things that mattered, matter no more, and things that didn’t seem to take up most of your thought process. Watching the faces that said “thank you” after every patient is priceless and unforgettable.

Hassan Baqer, MD

GFR team leader Morocco