The GFR team was so welcoming of an Israeli medical student that it was really heart-warming.

Aaron Hochman-Zimmerman

GFR Volunteer, Morocco

Senegal is a humbling, heart-wrenching and hurting country. Its most neglected children experience scabies, fungal infections, wounds, hunger, and hopelessness. Serving our global community is not only our duty, but an honor that replenishes the soul and leaves me yearning for the next opportunity to help those in need. A trip with Global First Responder will not disappoint.

Jenny, Physician Assistant

Baltimore, Md.

I just returned from my first medical clinic trip with GFR. I’ve been leading clinic trips all over the world for nearly a decade. This trip had a profound impact on me.

GFR put together a well organized, highly effective clinic trip. We had everything we needed!! Communication was prompt, efficient and smooth. It cost just $800 US as no one is paid at GFR, not one person! It is a true NGO run by volunteer humanitarians. I joined GFR because I wanted to work with an organization that offers sustainability, beyond dispensing Tylenol!

Our incredible dental team did extractions, restorations and fillings which changed the lives of over 700 patients! We served pregnant women and many sick people in addition to the Talibes children, who were our focus. We provided solid education to each and every person we saw. It was a no drama trip, we laughed, we hussled, we sweat, we pushed our limits, and we made lasting friendships in a way I’ve never experienced.

I’m all in- GO GFR!

Suzie, Teacher


Volunteering with GFR in Senegal has been a life-changing experience. After arriving in Senegal, we hit the ground running and held 6 clinics in one week for the Talibe children. GFR helped unite a group of strangers from across the world towards a common goal: Provide medical care to those who do not have the luxury. I’m looking forward to my next trip with GFR!

Kim, PA

New York