Headshot of board of directors member Adam Beckett outside.

Dr. Adam Beckett

Founder/Board President

After completing his undergraduate education in 1995, Adam joined the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, ultimately completing his service having attained the title of Rifle Platoon Commander. Afterward, from 1999 to 2003, he went to medical school with the goal of becoming a doctor that specializes in emergency medicine. After graduating, when not practicing emergency medicine in the United States, he enjoyed engaging in volunteer work abroad.

During one of these ventures, volunteering amidst the 2010 disaster in Haiti, Adam saw the need for a centralized network that could more strongly unite people engaged in this type of work. Equipped with military experience and skill set in medicine, he set out to create Global First Responder (GFR) while continuing to provide health education and community development.

GFR officially became a nonprofit organization in 2015. Years later, its goal remains the same: to recruit and build teams for international relief work, as well as serve as a centralized global network for agencies and individuals involved in the same. Adam enjoys the work he does and appreciates the people he has had the opportunity to work in partnership with or in service to.