HandsOn Shanghai

HandsOn Shanghai is an officially registered non-profit organization whose mission is to promote volunteerism and inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.

Baobei Foundation

Baobei Foundation is a charity whose purpose is to provide life saving surgeries to Chinese orphans born with gastrointestinal or neurological birth defects.

Medical volunteers, such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists, are needed.

Agape Asia Foundation

Agape Asia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to help children who are orphaned, abandoned, struggling in abject poverty, and often suffering from heart conditions and devastating burns.

Volunteers are needed. Please see this link for more information.

Volunteers for China

Volunteers for China is a Christian nonprofit organization that facilitates volunteers, both short term and long term, for service in China.

Medical and nursing colleges in China have invited teams of four or more students, staff, or professionals to come and teach Chinese nursing and medical students. Also, volunteers will visit hospitals and clinics and dialogue with Chinese medical professionals.

Love Without Boundaries Foundation

Love Without Boundaries Foundation is a worldwide group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China.

The foundation sends volunteer medical teams to China occasionally. Please contact the organization if you are an expert in physical or occupational therapy or in another medical field.

Starfish Foster Home

The nonprofit Starfish Foster Home is a home for disabled or sick orphans in Southeast China who are awaiting or recovering from life-saving surgeries or medical treatment.

Volunteers make up the heart and soul of Starfish. One of the on-going volunteer needs is for long-term medical support. Doctors, nurses or other medical personnel, particularly those with pediatric training, are needed to help train Starfish staff and provide medical support for the babies.

Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited

Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited is a nonprofit organization which was established by a group of professionals in Hong Kong to promote quality of life for elders in China, to enable them to age with purpose, dignity, hope, and love. 

The foundation has a large team of medical professionals who volunteer their time, energy, and professional skills and experience to touch the lives of vulnerable elderly in China. They include ophthalmologists, geriatric doctors, family physicians, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, optometrists, dietitians, and nurses.

Red Thread Charities

Red Thread Charities is a Minnesota nonprofit that provides training to Chinese orphanage staff and facilitates medical and developmental care for children so that they can reach their full potential.

Red Thread Charities conducts medical trips to China in the spring and fall every year. Volunteer pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, registered nurses, pediatricians or family practice physicians, special education teachers, and speech therapists are needed.

Heart For Kids

Heart for Kids is an Australian nonprofit organization helping to bring change for orphans and children living in poverty in China, India, and Indonesia.

Heart For Kids welcomes skilled and unskilled team members alike.

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, an independent mission agency based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has healthcare ministries throughout the world, which include full-service hospitals, mobile and itinerant medical clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, and community health evangelism teams.

Volunteer anesthesiologists, dentists, dental hygienists, hospital administrators, midwives, nurse practitioners, nurses, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, pharmacists, and physical therapists, physicians, physician assistants, and surgeons are needed.

Alliance for Smiles

The mission of the Alliance for Smiles, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization, is to repair children’s broken smiles by providing free treatment for cleft lip and palate deformities in underserved areas of the world.

Volunteer positions on medical missions include the following: plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, pediatrician, OR nurse, PACU nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, and speech pathologist.

Gar Tibet Health Project

The Gar Tibet Health Project, a small nonprofit organization, is devoted to creating access to health care and improving maternal and child health in the remote, semi-nomadic communities of eastern Tibet.

Volunteers that are especially needed are family doctors, family nurse practitioners, pediatricians, acupuncturists, and midwives.

Healing the Children Northeast

Healing the Children Northeast, a nonprofit volunteer organization located in New Milford, Connecticut, is committed to arranging free surgical, dental, and medical treatment for children in need in the U.S. and abroad.

Jesuit Missions UK

Jesuit Missions UK, a nonprofit organization, welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds for short and long-term volunteering opportunities in Africa, Central America, and Asia.

International Child Concern

International Child Concern is a nonprofit Christian development organisation that changes lives by bringing love, hope, and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled.

If you have specialist skills in areas such as medical care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, art therapy, or related fields, you may have the opportunity volunteer your services to help.

Jian Hua Foundation

Registered as a charity in the UK and New Zealand, Jian Hua Foundation is dedicated to serving the people of China through sending professionals to volunteer in a wide variety of positions, ranging from language teachers to medical doctors, development workers to occupational therapists, linguists to orphanage workers and businessmen.

OMF International

OMF International, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado, partners with local churches to serve communities and demonstrate Christ’s love in practical ways.

Please see this link for current medical volunteering openings.

Orbis International

Orbis International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing quality eye health to the world through training, research, and advocacy.

Orbis International retains a dedicated global network of medical professionals who provide ophthalmic education and instruction to increase the agency’s partners’ skill, service, and the quality of patient care.


Evergreen is a nonprofit organization that seeks to be a part of China’s economic and spiritual development by shining the light of Christ through the utilization of professional skills.

With the help of short-term volunteers, like medical professionals and teachers, Evergreen can better demonstrate the credibility of Christ and create goodwill with those the organization serves in Shanxi.

Eagles Wings China

Eagles Wings China is a joint project of Linda’s Dream Home for Children, a registered NGO in China, and of Chinese Orphans Assistance Team, Inc., a registered charitable organisation in Australia. Eagles Wings homes have been set up not just as an alternative accommodation arrangement for abandoned children but a place they can call home.

Butterfly Home Hospices

The nonprofit Butterfly Children’s Hospices provide loving care and treatment for children with life-threatening illnesses in China. Some children have been abandoned, others are brought when families can no longer face the journey alone, but no matter how small or how sick, Butterfly Children’s Hospices give each child the love, care, and medical attention they need.

Applications are welcome from registered nurses who wish to volunteer as a part of the nursing team for a one-year commitment.

Asian Outreach

The NGO Asian Outreach empowers and transforms the lives of needy Asians by partnering together with churches, companies, governments, foundations, and individuals.

Burn Survivors Throughout the World

Burn Survivors Throughout the World is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of burn survivors and their families, fire prevention, and public education. 

Burn Survivors Throughout the World has needs for medical professionals to volunteer internationally and in the states of Colorado, Florida, and Texas.

International Children’s Heart Foundation

International Children’s Heart Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide free cardiac surgery to kids in developing countries while providing education to local teams.

Medical mission trips are made up of volunteer medical professionals with experience working with pediatric cardiac surgical patients, including pediatric cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, OR nurses, pediatric cardiologists, ICU nurses, intensivists, and respiratory therapists. Urgently needed are pediatric surgeons, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, OR nurses, and RNFAs with cardiac experience.

Children’s HeartLink

Children’s HeartLink is a nonprofit organization whose purpose and aspiration is to assure that children around the world have access to quality care for the treatment of heart disease.

Volunteers are needed for cardiac training visits or on-site training and education. Medical volunteer teams include experienced pediatric cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, intensivists, intensive care nurses, and respiratory therapists.