About Our World Medical Relief

Today we live in a world largely marked by constant strife, struggle and turmoil.

Between tsunamis in Japan and Indonesia, famine in Somalia, earthquakes in Haiti, and hurricanes and floods here in the United States, there is an increasing demand for volunteers to assist in world medical relief and recovery. Many countries across the world are so desperately in need of support that something as simple as routine medical care can make all the difference.

As a physician I feel a call to assist in these times of need. At times I have found it challenging to determine where I would be needed most and which organizations to volunteer with. Multiple independent agencies offer information on providing medical aid and donations, but there is no centralized database. Information is scarce, leaving me a skeptic about some volunteer organizations and programs. This was my goal in creating Global First Responder: to assemble a centralized resource for my fellow health care providers. GFR is a place to get information on various world medical relief agencies; additionally, it is a place for individuals to share their stories, ask questions, and interact through our blog.

It is my hope that a more coordinated effort will make it easier for medical professionals to assist and provide the necessary care to people around the world.

Dr. Adam Beckett

Global First Responder: World Medical Relief


Mission Statement

GFR serves two primary functions: to act as a centralized network for individuals and agencies involved in relief work worldwide; and to organize and execute mission trips to areas in need, focusing not only on health care delivery but health education and improvements in community infrastructure.

Vision Statement

To improve the lives of humanity across the globe through healthcare education, healthcare delivery and improvements in community infrastructure.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information regarding a world medical relief volunteer trip, please contact us.