Relief Work Worldwide

Share your passion for helping others with the world.

We are thrilled that you share the same passion for helping others that we do. Our volunteers are financially responsible for all travel, as well as room and board expenses. The funding for all GFR projects in country is generously given by individuals and corporate donors. Trip costs, of course, can vary depending on the country and its hosts. Your team leader will share all expense information with you before you commit to going on a trip.

How to volunteer:

  1. Apply: fill out the volunteer application form and (if you have a specific trip in mind) choose a trip. APPLY
  2. Wait patiently: a GFR representative will reach out to you while forming trip teams. To form teams, we analyze the positions needed for the projects and clinics planned and reach out to individuals who have skills to meet those positions.
  3. Crowdfund directly on the GFR website: By crowdfunding through the GFR website we can provide your donors with a tax deduction letter. Note: when crowdfunding on the GFR website all donations above your trip costs will go to the GFR general fund to assist with projects in the country.
  4. Get ready: GFR will make all in-country arrangements. Payment will be due to GFR 6 weeks prior to trip departure. 
  5. Join us on the trip and change lives forever!

Volunteer with Global First Responder

You believed you had seen, and knew what poverty was, but nothing had prepared you for what true poverty is.

- Steve Koirtyohann

GFR Volunteer, Haiti