What I Will Be Doing

Chimaeric Motion Pictures is thrilled to partner with Global First Responder and the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project to document the work they are doing in the remote village of Thonche, Nepal. Our 3-person crew will travel with the group and film the entire expedition. From that footage we will produce separate promotional films GFR and HFHP to tell their stories and help assist in future volunteer recruitment and fundraising. That footage will also be used to develop a pilot episode for a future GFR tv/web series.

A Little About The Chimaeric Film Crew

A Little About the Crew

Chimaeric is a motion picture company comprised of filmmakers and proudly based in Columbia, MO. We use the power of motion pictures to bring human-driven stories to our audiences. While we primarily work in the commercial and film industries, we believe that non-profit groups doing critical humanitarian work deserve high-level motion picture content just as much (if not more so) than big commercial brands. Our goal is to use our storytelling talents to help bring forward the stories of the people behind these important missions.