What I Will Be Doing

We are teaming up with My Little Patient for a joint trip to Bangalore, India. Together, we will be working in and around the Bangalore area providing medical and humanitarian aid to impoverished villages.

Our volunteers will be offering full service medical clinics, health education classes and community service projects for the villages. The medical clinics will provide primary healthcare for all ages. The health education classes will cover general hygiene, disease prevention, infant care, CPR and First-Aid training. The classes will be open to the public and health officials in the area. For community service, our volunteers will do anything from buildings desks and picnic tables for schools, to any general maintenance work and repairs needed around schools and orphanages.

Our volunteers are mostly excited to be able to work with these communities and create a healthier environment. Being able to interact with the community to further identify their needs will help advance their current health systems in place.

A Little About Rick Baker

With Adam I was an original member of GFR and current board member. The India trip will be my 15th international medical trip since 2010, and by far, not my last. My trips have been to provide disaster care, emergency medical care, and on general medicine trips. The skills and knowledge I utilize in my job as a Flight Medic at University of Missouri Health Care, allow me to fit in and function in a variety of roles on medical mission trips. One of the most important roles I fill is that of a medical educator. Teaching and strengthening the skills of the local providers ensures that the impact of GFR reaches further than the care provided in a single week