What I Will Be Doing

While in Puerto Rico we will be working to assist in hurricane relief efforts with both health care and construction crews. Potential construction projects while in the country include solar panel installation at clinics, provision of medical services at a shelter, and demolition at a clinic or housing.

A Little About Peter Michael Houck

Peter Houck is a physician who lives in Seattle, Washington. His medical training is in family medicine, preventive medicine and public health, and aviation health. His past volunteer work includes clinical medicine in India, Nepal, Greece, France, and Jordan, home building and repair in Seattle, and flood cleanup in Texas. He built his own house that still stands after 19 years. He believes that all people have the same basic goal, safe and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families and that we who are so fortunate have an obligation to help others reach that goal. He enjoys world travel, hiking, and skiing.