What I Will Be Doing

Our volunteers will be offering medical clinics and health education classes and engaging in community service projects for the area. We will be working with local physicians to provide primary health care for all ages. The health education classes will cover general hygiene, disease prevention, infant care, CPR, and first-aid training. The classes will be open to the public and health officials in the area. We are not completely set in details for community service.

No matter where we end up, we are always excited to be helping out. However, we are particularly looking forward to working in Marrakech, Morocco—somewhere we haven’t been before. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help to improve the lives of others and the well-being of communities!

A Little About Monica Galang

I am an emergency nurse who has a passion in extending my skills to help out those who are in need. I came from a third world country and have seen poverty, sickness and death due to the lack of resources. I wish to have been able to help then but I was too young to understand any of it. And now, since obtaining my nursing degree, It has always been my dream to be a part of a medical mission, to experience helping first hand. I believe that here in the United States, we are very privileged to have resources so readily accessible to us and to be able to share that to the less fortunate of other countries, that is an experience that I will truly treasure until I die. I hope that this will not be the only medical mission that I will have the opportunity to join and I hope to be able to influence my colleagues to join and help out too.