What I Will Be Doing

Our volunteers will be offering medical clinics and health education classes and engaging in community service projects for the area. We will be working with local physicians to provide primary health care for all ages. The health education classes will cover general hygiene, disease prevention, infant care, CPR, and first-aid training. The classes will be open to the public and health officials in the area. We are not completely set in details for community service.

No matter where we end up, we are always excited to be helping out. However, we are particularly looking forward to working in Marrakech, Morocco—somewhere we haven’t been before. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help to improve the lives of others and the well-being of communities!

A Little About Kristina Garcia

Though I am admittedly a jack of all trades and master of none, I wholeheartedly believe my underlying purpose is to help those in need. Having spent half my life in Mexico, I resided among the less fortunate and learned than an able body with an open heart is sometimes all that's needed to be of service. I offer my time and dedication to make even the slightest difference on whichever scale those more aptly trained may deem fit. I would opine that no task is too menial if it can provoke a smile on an otherwise downcast face.