Upper Amazon Basin, Peru

What I Will Be Doing

The Global First Responder team will be working with Amazon Promise to provide a 5-day clinic for those in need. Our construction team will build a medical supply depot to store medical equipment and medication..

A Little About J.D. Calvin

For nearly 5 years now I've been a board member and volunteer with GFR, Global First Responder (GFR) is a secular, nonprofit, international medical relief organization. I'm so proud of what this organization has done in such a short amount of time. I don't know of any other group delivering such a diverse range of services.

We send doctors, nurses, contractors and educators to do so much more than your typical relief organization. We send the best from our communities to make lasting impacts on their community. I've seen first hand, what GFR can do for even the worst afflicted areas around the world.

For this trip, our team is comprised of doctors, nurses, contractors and educators. We pride ourselves as the team that doesn't just "treat and leave.” We serve many roles while on the ground reaching far beyond medical relief.

On this particular mission, we're going to be in a very small village in the Amazon. We will be camping for our time there. Our main goal will be assisting with clinic and building a small medial supply depot. I need your help in raising my portion as a team volunteer.