What I Will Be Doing

Provide medical care and dental care to communities in and around Puttaparthi, India. During our time in India, we will follow up on care provided during our August 2015 trip. Health education will be provided to in-country medical staff.

A Little About JD Calvin

Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page! For nearly three years now I've been a member and volunteer with GFR, a local non-profit, serving the global community. I'm so proud of what this organization has done in such a short amount of time. I don't know of any other group delivering such a diverse range of services.

For this trip, our team is comprised of doctors, nurses, and grunts (me). We pride ourselves as the team that doesn't "treat and leave.” We serve many roles while on the ground reaching beyond medical relief.

Honestly, I have no idea how much to ask you for, but is a gift of $50 something you'd be able to consider? Your donation will go directly to this mission and supplies needed. Thank you for your support, please help me by sharing this page. It really does make an impact.