What I Will Be Doing

We are teaming up with My Little Patient for a joint trip to Bangalore, India. Together, we will be working in and around the Bangalore area providing medical and humanitarian aid to impoverished villages.

Our volunteers will be offering full service medical clinics, health education classes and community service projects for the villages. The medical clinics will provide primary healthcare for all ages. The health education classes will cover general hygiene, disease prevention, infant care, CPR and First-Aid training. The classes will be open to the public and health officials in the area. For community service, our volunteers will do anything from buildings desks and picnic tables for schools, to any general maintenance work and repairs needed around schools and orphanages.

Our volunteers are mostly excited to be able to work with these communities and create a healthier environment. Being able to interact with the community to further identify their needs will help advance their current health systems in place.

A Little About Heather Draper

Heather Draper, Pharm.D., BCPS, is a clinical specialist in Emergency Medicine at Mercy Health Saint Mary's in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Draper has twice received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Student Government Association, the Most Influential Professor and Preceptor of the Year Awards from the University of Tennessee and was awarded the Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award from the Tennessee Pharmacists Association. Dr. Draper is the past chair of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Section Advisory Group on Emergency Care and served as an author on the Guidelines on Emergency Medicine Pharmacist Services. Her research interests include examining the role and impact of the pharmacy in the Emergency Department and in a variety of resuscitation settings.