What I Will Be Doing

Global First Responders is partnering with local hospitals in Haiti to support sustainable healthcare development. Our shared goal is to equip these facilities with the skills, education, and supplies they need to provide and care for staff and patients. We are beginning where there is the greatest need: emergency medicine and pediatrics. Be a part of our partnership in Haiti, today!

The purpose of this trip is to start a new initiative where we will start bringing many teams of volunteers to help train physicians, nurses, and paramedics to arm them with the skills and supplies needed to improve the quality of care that the hospital is able to provide to its population. This differs from a traditional “mission trip” in that we will not provide the care, but we will work side by side with the doctors and staff to share our knowledge and skills.

A Little About Charla Jay

I started working in healthcare as a Candy Striper at age 14, that makes 40 plus years of practical contact and observation. Those years have provided a wide and vast variety of experience and skills development. I would like to share that skill and knowledge and perhaps make a difference in someones life and change my small part of the world in a positive way.

I was 22 years old before I lived in a home with indoor plumbing. I have lived in a tent and out of the back of a pickup. I have first-hand knowledge of "making do" and still being safe and sanitary. I was raised on a farm and know how to grow plants and animals and process them for food. I can sew. I have some basic carpentry skills and I'm fairly innovative about making something useful out of a pile of seemingly useless stuff. I like people and generally, make friends wherever I go!