Quick Facts

  • Largest Western European country
  • Motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
  • Official Language: French
  • Capital City: Paris
  • Population: 65.35 million
  • GDP per capita $35,156
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 83%-88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%-10%, unaffiliated 4%
  • 99% literacy rate
  • France is divided into 27 administrative regions
  • Founding member of the United Nations
  • France is the second largest donor of development aid in the world, behind the US.
  • While Metropolitan France is located in Western Europe, the French Republic also has a number of territories in North America, the Caribbean,  South America, the southern Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica.
  • Current weather conditions –  www.weather.com
  • Tips for Travel in country – www.travel.state.gov
  • Currency exchange rates –  www.xe.com

Government in Power

Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic

President: Francois Hollande


Healthcare Statistics

  • In its 2000 assessment of world health care organizations, the World Health Organization found that France provided the “best over-all health care” in the world.
  • Life Expectancy: 81.46 years
  • Maternal Mortality rate: 8/100,000
  • Infant Mortality rate: 3.7/1,000
  • Physicians Density: 3.97/1,000
  • HIV/AIDS 0.4%
  • Obesity 16.9%
  • Variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob and trichinosis outbreaks have been linked to horse meat.
  • Measles cases down to 358 as of May 2012  from 15,206 in 2011
  • Infectious Disease Risk: LOW
  • Infectious disease updates:  http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list.htm


Images From the Field

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Area Agencies

Field Stories

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