Quick Facts

  • Independence: 1966 (from Britain)
  • It has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection.
  • Area: 581,730 sq. km (slightly smaller than Texas)
  • Climate: semiarid with warm winters and hot summers
  • Terrain: mostly flat with the Kalahari Desert in the southwest
  • Nationality: Motswana (s.), Batswana (pl.)
  • Ethic groups: Tswana 79%, Kalanga 11% , Basra 3% , other 7%
  • Languages: 78.2% speak Setswana although English is the official language.
  • Religions: Christian 71.6%, none 20.6%, Badimo 6%, other and unspecified 1.8%
  • Population: 2,182,719 (concentrated in the eastern part of the country)
  • Capital: Gaborone (pop. 247,000)
  • Literacy: 88.5%
  • Current weather conditions: www.weather.com
  • Tips for travel in country: www.travel.state.gov
  • Currency exchange rates: www.xe.com

Government in Power

  • President Ian Khama (since 2008), elected by the people
  • Vice President Ponatshego Kedikilwe (since 2012)
  • Type of government: parliamentary republic


Healthcare Statistics

  • Maternal mortality rate: 129/100,000
  • Infant mortality rate: 8.93/1,000
  • Total fertility rate: 2.33 children/woman
  • Health expenditures: 5.4% GDP
  • Physician density: 0.4/1,000
  • Hospital bed density: 1.8/1,000
  • Life expectancy: 54.18 years
  • Children under age 5 underweight: 11.2%
  • HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate: 25.16% (second highest in world)
  • Infectious disease risk: high
  • Infectious diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, malaria, and typhoid fever
  • Infectious disease updates: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list.htm

Images From the Field

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