Quick Facts

  • Area: 481,354 sq. miles (slightly less than twice the size of Texas)
  • Capital: Luanda (pop. 5.506 million)
  • Climate: semiarid in the south and along the coast to Luanda; the north has a cool dry season (May–Oct.) and a hot, rainy season (Nov.–April).
  • Economy: Angola has vast mineral and pertroleum reserves. Oil production and its supporting activities contribute 50% of GDP, diamond exports 5%. Standard of living remains low and social inequality is one of the highest in the world. Subsistence agriculture provides the main livelihood for most people.
  • Ethnic groups: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbunda 25%, Bakongo 13%, others
  • History: Angola gained independence from Portugal on November 11, 1975. It was the scene of an intense civil war from 1975–2002. Fighting resumed again in 1993, with up to 1.5 million people killed.
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Literacy:  71.1% age 15 and over can read and write
  • Official name: Republic of Angola
  • Population: 19,625,353 (as of July 2015)
  • Religions: indigenous beliefs 47%, Roman Catholic 38%, Protestant 15%
  • Terrain: narrow coastal plain rises abruptly to vast interior plateau
  • Current weather conditions: www.weather.com
  • Tips for travel in country: www.travel.state.gov 
  • Currency exchange rates: www.xe.com

Government in Power

  • President José Eduardo dos Santos (since 1979)
  • President indirectly elected by National Assembly
  • Type: republic; multiparty presidential regime


Healthcare Statistics

  • Children under the age of 5 underweight: 15.6%
  • Health expenditures: 3.8% of GDP
  • HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate: 2.41%
  • Hospital bed density: 0.8 beds/1,000 population
  • Infant mortality rate: 78.26 deaths/1,000 births (8th highest in the world)
  • Life expectancy: 54.59 years
  • Physicians density: 0.17 physicians/1,000 population
  • Total fertility rate: 5.37 children born/woman
  • Major infectious diseases risk: very high
  • Infectious disease: bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria, schistosomiasis

Images From the Field

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