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Next Upcoming Trip:

St. Marc, Haiti February 2019

February 22 to March 2, 2019

Along with Partners in Health and the staff at St. Nicholas Hospital, Global First Responder will hold a 2-day public outreach clinic for patients in need of healthcare. While in Haiti we will educate doctors, nurses and staff through a 2-day medical academic conference in St. Marc.

Our construction team will be working on improvements on to the Kay Mackenson clinic for Type 1 Diabetics in Haiti. They have requested infrastructure improvements including cabinets and shelving to rooms.

Most Recent Trip:

Upper Amazon Basin, Peru

January 18-27, 2019

Number of Volunteers: 20

The Global First Responder team will be working with Amazon Promise to provide a 5-day clinic for those in need. Our construction team will build a medical supply depot to store medical equipment and medication.