Health through Walls

Health through Walls is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist developing countries in implementing sustainable improvements to health services within their penitentiaries. A primary focus of the effort is the identification, prevention, and management of infectious disease, especially HIV and tuberculosis.

The assistance of volunteer doctors, nurses, technicians, and others is needed.

Go Volunteer Africa

Go Volunteer Africa is a nonprofit organization providing programs and services in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.  Go Volunteer Africa is a matchmaker with a dual role of providing the solutions for both the volunteers and the not-for-profit organizations in Africa.

Rural Community Development Program

Rural Community Development Program is a non-profit, philanthropic organization which encourages international volunteers to contribute in sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor.

Healthcare volunteering opportunities are available in Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Canada Africa Community Health Alliance

The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance is a registered Canadian charitable organization that seeks to improve the health of rural communities through partnerships to facilitate programs and initiatives for disease prevention, treatment, care, support, and education to the most vulnerable in Bénin, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Surgeons, family doctors, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, registered nurses and nurse practitioners, gynaecologists, pediatricians, dentists, ophthalmologists, and other healthcare professionals are welcome to volunteer.

Masai Village Volunteers

Masai Village Volunteers, a project ran by MACCOP and passionate volunteers, aims to improve the living conditions Kenya and Tanzania’s Masai people whilst promoting the ultimate cultural exchange.
Qualified medical volunteers are sought to assist in their cause.

Africa Inland Mission

Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is an evangelical Christian mission agency serving in over 20 African nations.

AIM’s medical ministries include mobile clinics providing basic medical care in isolated communities, large hospitals providing complex surgeries, longer-term care, education, and prevention.

Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery

The Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery, a nonprofit organization, was founded by a group of leading neurosurgeons in order to address the critical lack of trained neurosurgeons in developing countries.

Volunteer neurosurgeons and personnel teach their techniques to local neurosurgeons, set up neurosurgery residency programs, and provide critical assistance in the operating room.

Canadian Network for International Surgery

With teaching overseas done by professional clinical volunteers, the Canadian Network for International Surgery, a registered Canadian charity, provides surgical training that enables the African people to save millions of lives each year.

Barbara May Foundation

The Barbara May Foundation, an Australian nonprofit, aims to provide sustainable maternal health care and significantly reduce the incidence of obstetric fistula in developing countries.

Volunteer midwives and obstetricians are needed to serve in Ethiopia and Tanzania on an ongoing basis.

Small World Initiative for Women’s Security and Children’s Orphanage

Small World Initiative for Women’s Security and Children’s Orphanage, an NGO, is dedicated to improving the lives of women, orphans, and vulnerable children in rural areas of Tanzania.

Healthcare volunteer positions are offered at Kibosho Hospital or St. Joseph Hospital.

Rustic Volunteers

Rustic Volunteers is a Texas-based nonprofit which helps to connect volunteers to desperately needed projects worldwide. Rustic Volunteers is committed to providing a safe, rewarding volunteer abroad experience for humanitarians worldwide.

Jesuit Missions UK

Jesuit Missions UK, a nonprofit organization, welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds for short and long-term volunteering opportunities in Africa, Central America, and Asia.

Elim Missions

Elim Missions, a UK-registered charity, had mission opportunities in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

VMM International

VMM, a UK-registered charity, recruits, trains, and supports professionally qualified lay personnel to work in areas of great need in developing regions of Africa.

VMM has placed volunteers including doctors, nurses, and teachers.

Ona Network

Ona Network is a not-for-profit, non-governmental trust dedicated to improving the eye health and vision of people living in Tanzania.

Eye camps need volunteer optometrists, ophthalmologists, cataract surgeons, optical dispensers, ophthalmic nurses, ophthalmic theatre nurses, and optometry students. You can also volunteer for short, medium, or long-term placements. There are placement opportunities available for optometrists, ophthalmologists, optical dispensers, and ophthalmic nurses.

Maryknoll Lay Missioners

Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM) is a Catholic nonprofit organization inspired by the mission of Jesus to live and work in poor communities in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

MKLM has ministries in health care and health promotion.

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission is a grassroots movement within the United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel whereby Christians, both lay and clergy, may offer their skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world on short-term assignments at their own expense.

If you have specific training or interest in health care, you can go as a healthcare volunteer to increase community health in a variety of ways around the world. Currently, positions exist in Guatemala, Haiti, Kentucky, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Burn Survivors Throughout the World

Burn Survivors Throughout the World is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of burn survivors and their families, fire prevention, and public education. 

Burn Survivors Throughout the World has needs for medical professionals to volunteer internationally and in the states of Colorado, Florida, and Texas.

Humanity for Children

Humanity for Children—a nonprofit based in Columbia, Missouri—is committed to improving the quality of life for children in remote areas of East Africa through community-based, sustainable initiatives that empower individuals and positively affect health, education, safety, and economic conditions.

Maternity Africa

Maternity Africa is a non-profit charity based in Ethiopia and Tanzania aiming to improve the quality and availability of maternity care to mothers and babies in these impoverished countries. By placing volunteer midwife and obstetrician teams into hospitals, the charity aims to build capacity and the clinical skills of health professionals practicing evidence-based, safe, kind, and excellent care to all women regardless of race, religion, or status. Maternity Africa also offers free surgical repair to women ostracized by obstetric fistula and aims to prevent these occurring in the first place.

Villages of Hope Africa

Villages of Hope Africa is a Canadian charitable organization that provides food, education, housing, and health care to children in need in order to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.

Villages of Hope Africa accepts applications for short-term volunteers.

Open Heart International

Open Heart International provides the opportunity for those living in developing countries to receive the specialised health care that they deserve yet cannot access.

Experienced surgical and medical charity volunteers are needed for overseas projects in burns surgery, cardiac, eye surgery, oncology, and women’s health. This includes a variety of anesthetists, biomedical engineers, cardiologists, intensivists, medical consultants, orthoptists, pathologists, perfusionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, project coordinators, registered nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants, sonographers, and others.

Global Service Corps

Global Service Corps is an NGO in Cambodia and Tanzania that designs and implements volunteer service-learning and community development programs that benefit the volunteer participants and positively impact the communities they serve.

Africa Inland Mission

Africa Inland Mission is a Christian nonprofit organization whose medical ministries take on many forms, from mobile clinics providing basic medical care in isolated communities to work in large hospitals providing complex surgeries, longer-term care, education, and prevention.

Vine Trust

Vine Trust is a charity that seeks to enable volunteers to make a significant difference to some of the poorest children and communities in the world.

Vine Trust invites doctors, nurses, dentists, dental nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to join a medical expedition to Peru or Tanzania or to volunteer onboard a medical ship.