Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life through provision of medical services and health education.

Volunteer medical professionals—physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and medical technologists—are needed in many areas within Taiwan and internationally.

Chain of Hope

Chain of Hope, a UK-registered charity, exists to provide children affected by life-threatening heart disease with the treatment to which they very often simply do not have access.

Chain of Hope recruits volunteer cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, cardiac intensivists, cardiac intensive care nurses, biomedical engineers, perfusionists, and cardiac theatre nurses.


ReachAcross is a UK registered charity dedicated to sharing the Gospel with Muslims and serving them in practical ways.

Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and technicians are required for long-term volunteering at a rural Christian hospital.

Humanity for Children

Humanity for Children—a nonprofit based in Columbia, Missouri—is committed to improving the quality of life for children in remote areas of East Africa through community-based, sustainable initiatives that empower individuals and positively affect health, education, safety, and economic conditions.


TroppoDoc is a small non-governmental organization that relies on volunteers, including nurses, surgeons, public health enthusiasts, dentists, medical students and anyone who is willing to lend a hand, to get medical services to some of the poorest and healthcare-deprived populations in the world.

Footprints Foundation

Footprints Foundation is a Florida-based nonprofit whose local and global mission is to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity with culturally sensitive, evidence-based training of doctors, nurses, midwives, traditional birth attendants, and pregnant mothers and to stop female genital mutilation and child marriages.

The foundation is seeking volunteers— registered nurses, certified nurse midwives, nursing educators, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse practitioners—who are interested in helping to create nursing curriculum and providing training to skilled healthcare workers and traditional birth attendants.

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is non-profit in Somalia that provides free health care, education, and development to Somalis stricken by war and famine.

Volunteers with a medical background may be qualified to assist with daily operations in the Dr. Hawa Abdi General Hospital’s maternity and pediatric departments.

Edna Adan University Hospital

Edna Adan University Hospital is a non-profit organization working to lower maternal and infant mortality rates and end the practice of female genital mutilation in Somaliland.

The hospital is always looking for medical doctors—particularly OB/GYNs—and nurses who can help teach student nurses. The volunteers welcomed are those who are either trained in or studying any of the various health professions.

American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa

American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring immediate relief to those in need throughout the Horn, while at the same time seeking to create the conditions for sustainable opportunity and self-reliance. 

Preventing Cervical Cancer

Preventing Cervical Cancer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving women’s health globally by educating communities, training healthcare workers, and establishing self-sustaining cervical cancer prevention programs that prevent suffering and save women’s lives.

Teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, and counselors travel to underserved and remote areas around the world, providing education, diagnosis, and treatment.

Life for Relief and Development

Life for Relief and Development is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to alleviating human suffering regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural background. In response to poverty, famine, social and economic turmoil, natural disasters, war, and other catastrophes, assistance is provided to people across the globe by offering humanitarian services such as food, water, and temporary shelter as well as health care and education.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Helping Hand for Relief and Development is a nonprofit organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world, as well as working on long term relief and development programs. 

Opportunities to volunteer for overseas relief work are provided. Medical professionals are often needed to support field hospitals.


Baitulmaal is an international charity and relief organization devoted to sustainable development and disaster relief.

American Refugee Committee

American Refugee Committee is a nonprofit organization that works with refugees to help them survive crises and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security, and self-sufficiency.

Applications are accepted from those with skills in medicine for volunteer/intern positions at overseas locations.  

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA is a nonprofit organization that strives to alleviate poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and diseases worldwide.

Currently, Day of Dignity events offer opportunities for healthcare professionals to volunteer in their area of the United States, providing free medical care and screenings. Please contact Islamic Relief USA to inquire about these and other opportunities to volunteer for disaster response and other initiatives worldwide. 

International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps is a nonprofit organization working to relieve the suffering of those impacted by war, natural disaster, and disease by delivering vital healthcare services that focus on training, helping devastated populations return to self-reliance.

International Medical Corps is looking for highly trained medical staff to add to their emergency response roster, which requires that volunteers be willing to deploy rapidly—usually within 72 hours—and for a duration of 2–8 weeks. (Preference is given to those able to deploy for longer durations.)