Surgeons OverSeas

Surgeons OverSeas, a New York-based nonprofit organization, is committed to saving lives in developing countries by improving surgical care. This is accomplished via three programmatic arms: direct interventions and missions, advocacy, and research.

Midwives on a Mission

Midwives on a Mission, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Gualala, California, and Bo, Sierra Leone, aims to improve maternal and infant health in the poorest areas of the world.

Volunteers are midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, EMTs, volunteers at women’s clinics, nurses, doctors, and advocates for women.

No Boundaries International

No Boundaries International, a Christianity-based nonprofit organization headquartered in Oklahoma, is dedicated to cross any border to bring relief in the midst of extreme devastation while pointing to one, true rescuer.

Healthcare volunteers are needed in Oklahoma and at No Boundaries International’s locations abroad.

Mission Direct

Mission Direct, a UK-registered charity, enables people like you to make a practical and lasting difference to the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Medical teams are needed for mission trips.

VMM International

VMM, a UK-registered charity, recruits, trains, and supports professionally qualified lay personnel to work in areas of great need in developing regions of Africa.

VMM has placed volunteers including doctors, nurses, and teachers.

The Healing Hands Foundation

The Healing Hands Foundation is an all volunteer, non-profit organization providing high quality health care to patients in areas lacking medical resources and surgical expertise. The foundation provides pediatric surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, OB/GYN care and surgery, dental care, cardiology services, and general adult and pediatric medicine with the aim of improving quality of life, decreasing incidence of illness and death, and enabling people to be productive members of their community.

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission is a grassroots movement within the United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel whereby Christians, both lay and clergy, may offer their skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world on short-term assignments at their own expense.

If you have specific training or interest in health care, you can go as a healthcare volunteer to increase community health in a variety of ways around the world. Currently, positions exist in Guatemala, Haiti, Kentucky, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

International Surgical Health Initiative

The International Surgical Health Initiative is a humanitarian non-profit organization that provides free surgical care to underserved communities worldwide.

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and physician assistants are some of the professionals who regularly volunteer to participate in surgical missions.

Curamericas Global

Curamericas Global is a nonprofit organization that endeavors to provide mothers and children around the world with vital health services.

Volunteer health professionals are always welcome and can provide direct services along with educational trainings.

The SAFE Foundation

The SAFE Foundation is a charity that supports locally led projects in the developing world and promotes sustainable growth in small communities.

Each year, the foundation runs volunteer programmes in its projects around the world. There are a wide range of opportunities for people wanting to experience a different culture while making a difference in a community overseas.

Africa Advocacy Foundation

Africa Advocacy Foundation is an English charity founded with the aim of supporting and empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged people to access to the resources necessary for the improvement of their health, education, and other life opportunities.

International Citizen Service

Do you want to volunteer overseas to make a difference in some of the world’s poorest communities? International Citizen Service is an overseas volunteering programme for 18 to 25 year olds who are UK, EU, or EEA citizens with a current UK address (or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK) or those who have lived in the UK for at least 12 months.

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is a charity whose main focus is to provide medical support for brain injuries and diseases to the people of Ghana and West Africa.

Volunteers with medical expertise are needed, such as biomedical engineers, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, internal medical specialists, ophthalmologists, dentists and dental surgeons, medical practitioners, stroke and rehabilitation specialists, therapists (physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech), nurses (rehab and neuroscience), and rehab assistants.

Mission Doctors Association

Mission Doctors Association is a religious nonprofit organization that provides lifesaving medical care for the poor and training for local healthcare professionals around the world.

There are needs for volunteer OBGYNs, pediatricians, family practice and internal medicine practitioners, dentists, cardiologists, and surgeons.


IVUmed teaches surgical techniques to local physicians in low-resource countries, focusing on urology and reproductive health.

Experts in the fields of urology, anesthesia, and nursing are needed as volunteers to help educate medical personnel in partner hospitals throughout the world. Medical professionals are also needed as volunteers to assist in collecting, creating, and refining the educational materials that are used during workshops and provided as resources to the host hospital medical staff.

Adventist Health International

Adventist Health International (AHI) is a nonprofit corporation focused on upgrading and managing mission hospitals by providing governance, consultation, and technical assistance to a number of affiliated Seventh-day Adventist hospitals throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

AHI is built upon the many talents of its volunteers. The greatest need is for licensed healthcare professionals.

VSO International

VSO International is a charitable organization that is working to improve health in some of the world’s poorest countries. 

Health volunteer opportunities are possible for anaesthetists, general practitioners, health managers, hospital doctors and physicians, medical laboratory staff and scientists, mental health professionals, midwives, nurses, obstetricians and gynaecologists, occupational therapists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, public health professionals, and surgeons.

Hope Without Borders

Hope Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that is committed to bringing hope to communities in need by providing education, medical care, and clean water.

Every year Hope Without Borders organizes international volunteer trips. Teams are made up of university students, practitioners, and professionals.

Life for Relief and Development

Life for Relief and Development is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to alleviating human suffering regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural background. In response to poverty, famine, social and economic turmoil, natural disasters, war, and other catastrophes, assistance is provided to people across the globe by offering humanitarian services such as food, water, and temporary shelter as well as health care and education.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Helping Hand for Relief and Development is a nonprofit organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world, as well as working on long term relief and development programs. 

Opportunities to volunteer for overseas relief work are provided. Medical professionals are often needed to support field hospitals.

Goal Global

Goal Global is a nonprofit organization that aims to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life, including but not limited to adequate shelter, food, water and sanitation, health care, and education.

Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief & Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church and an independent nonprofit organization. Its programs work toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Together with its partners, the organization rebuilds after disasters and empowers people to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and disease.

Please see this link for information on volunteer opportunities.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organization with four major missions: charity, medical care, education, and humanistic culture. 

Medical and dental volunteers are needed in various locations—from Los Angeles, California, to Thailand.

Partners In Health

Partners In Health is a nonprofit international health organization committed to improving the health of the poor and marginalized in New Mexico, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Malawi, Lesotho, Rwanda, and Haiti.

Please see this link for current volunteering opportunities and employment openings.

King’s Sierra Leone Partnership

King’s Sierra Leone Partnership is a nonprofit helping to re-build Sierra Leone’s health system by strengthening training, clinical services, policy, and research.

Motivated volunteers are sought from all backgrounds, including mental health, nursing, physiotherapy, internal medicine, surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, infectious diseases, NGO and hospital management, undergraduate education, and human resources for health policy.