Health through Walls

Health through Walls is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist developing countries in implementing sustainable improvements to health services within their penitentiaries. A primary focus of the effort is the identification, prevention, and management of infectious disease, especially HIV and tuberculosis.

The assistance of volunteer doctors, nurses, technicians, and others is needed.

Haiti Lifeline Ministries

The purpose of Haiti Lifeline Ministries is to empower, enable, and encourage the work of Christ in Haiti.

Twice a year, medical teams of volunteers travel to the organization’s orphanage and operate a free clinic for the community of Croix-de-Bouquets as well as surrounding villages.

Haiti Foundation of Hope

Haiti Foundation of Hope is a Christian nonprofit organization addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people in the impoverished and underserved rural communities of northern Haiti.

Medical volunteers are needed for the approximately four mission trips scheduled each year. 


FaithCare is a nonprofit organization that brings health, hope, and healing, to and through the health care community, providing transforming love locally and internationally.

Medical volunteers are needed.

Eternal Hope In Haiti

Eternal Hope In Haiti is a nonprofit mission organization that provides free medical care through quarterly mobile clinics and runs an orphanage for abandoned and medically fragile children. Medical volunteers are needed.

Bless Back Worldwide

Bless Back Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that sends people with their unique, God-given passions, gifts, and resources on short “Bless Back” trips to change the world.

Along with volunteering opportunities in Haiti and Nicaragua, throughout the year, Bless Back Worldwide partners with Refugee Services and Project 658 to host free medical, dental, and vision clinics to the large refugee community in the Charlotte area, where doctors, dentists, and optometrists are among the volunteers that are needed.

Amme Community Health and Wellness Center

Amme Community Health and Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality built on evidence-based, nationally-recognized, clinical standards of care, which were developed to help practices support the delivery of high-quality care.

Volunteers are accepted for medical missions to Haiti geared towards the reduction and prevention of HIV/AIDS and mortalities.

Bethel’s Global Reach

Bethel’s Global Reach is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides medical, dental, and humanitarian aide to communities all over the world, with the help of a team of volunteers.


LiveBeyond is a faith-based nonprofit organization bringing medical and maternal health care, clean water, education, and development to the oppressed in Thomazeau, Haiti.

Each LiveBeyond medical mission week in Haiti provides medical care for more than a thousand people. Volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists are vital.

Healing the Children Orgeon-Washington

Healing the Children is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved children, in the United States and around the world, access the health care they need and deserve.

Medical teams volunteer their time and services to meet the needs of children around the world. Examples of medical professional volunteers are: surgeons, pediatricians, family practice physicians, anesthesiologists, surgical scrub nurses, PACU nurses, audiologists, podiatry, ophthalmologists/optometrists/opticians, dentists, and dental hygienists.

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life through provision of medical services and health education.

Volunteer medical professionals—physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and medical technologists—are needed in many areas within Taiwan and internationally.

Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti

The primary focus of the Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti, a nonprofit charity in New York, is to provide health care and community support to the poorest and under served areas of Haiti in a compassionate and dignified manner.

Medical volunteers of all specialties and expertise can participate in medical trips. Nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, therapists, and mental health workers are needed.

Grace International

Grace International is a Florida nonprofit organization which serves the needy in Haiti and in Florida’s Dade and Broward and Treasure Cost counties.

Medical volunteers may be able to serve in Haiti at Grace International’s hospital and medical and dental clinics.

Ke Nou

A nonprofit organization based in Jefferson City, Missouri, Ke Nou‘s mission is to provide ongoing financial, logistical, and manpower support to medical mission teams serving Haiti and the world.

Join one of Ke Nou’s medical mission trips and support efforts to heal and empower the individuals and communities of Haiti.

Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery

The Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery, a nonprofit organization, was founded by a group of leading neurosurgeons in order to address the critical lack of trained neurosurgeons in developing countries.

Volunteer neurosurgeons and personnel teach their techniques to local neurosurgeons, set up neurosurgery residency programs, and provide critical assistance in the operating room.

Team Broken Earth

Team Broken Earth is a nonprofit volunteer task force composed of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists from across Canada committed to delivering and improving health care in Haiti.

Haiti Health Initiative

The Haiti Health Initiative, a nonprofit organization based in Orem, Utah, ‘aims to provide for the improvement of the overall health of rural Haitians by providing health services (medical and dental) and health education to impoverished villagers.

Global Clinic

The Global Clinic, a New York based nonprofit organization, is committed to advancing a global network that creates practical and sustainable health solutions for those in need.

The organization is seeking the following types of volunteers: acupuncturists, students of acupuncture, and practitioners and students of holistic and naturopathy fields.

Village of Hope Haiti

Village of Hope is a nonprofit Christian fundraising organization committed to supporting programs and ministries that promote excellence in education, spiritual growth, and primary health care for Haitians in need.

Medical professionals may wish to volunteer on one of Village of Hope’s medical mission teams.

Chain of Hope

Chain of Hope, a UK-registered charity, exists to provide children affected by life-threatening heart disease with the treatment to which they very often simply do not have access.

Chain of Hope recruits volunteer cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, cardiac intensivists, cardiac intensive care nurses, biomedical engineers, perfusionists, and cardiac theatre nurses.

Clinicians of the World

Clinicians of the World, a nonprofit organization, provides specialized medical care, health education, and humanitarian aid to underserved people around the world regardless of culture, religion, or political affiliation.

The organization is seeking volunteer physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and clinical assistants.

Haiti Mobile Medical Mission

Haiti Mobile Medical Mission is a nonprofit organization that has traveled to Haiti each year since 2010 to set up medical clinics in rural villages around Port-Au-Prince, the earthquake’s epicenter.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, lab technicians, and triage workers are needed to assist as volunteers.

Grace Mission

Grace Mission, a Christian nonprofit organization, may have volunteer positions available for teams that go to Mexico or Haiti. For more information, please see their medical page.


Charis focuses on spiritual and physical needs in Haiti.

Please consider coming to Haiti and serving in some aspect of patient care.

Mission of Grace

Mission of Grace, a Christ-centered nonprofit organization located in Haiti, seeks to meet the needs of Haitians through love and compassion.

Grace Community Medical Clinic offers free healthcare, treatment, and medication. Medical and dental teams may volunteer.