Naqaqa Giving Foundation

Naqaqa Giving Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation that provides health, infrastructure, and educational assistance to communities in Fiji. The focus is on strengthening villages and providing locals with the resources to improve their own lives in a manner consistent with their own values and ideals.

A variety of medical specialists, nurses, and dental professionals are needed as volunteers.

Loloma Foundation

Loloma Foundation is a California-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the medical and dental systems in the South Pacific.

Medical and dental volunteers are needed for missions.

HELP International

The mission of the nonprofit HELP International is to empower people to fight global poverty through sustainable, life-changing development programs.

Each year, HELP International sends volunteers and interns abroad to El Salvador, Peru, Uganda, India, Nepal, Thailand, Fiji, and the Philippines, where they plan and implement service and development projects.

Benevolent Missions International

Benevolent Missions International (BMI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needed ophthalmic care to the underserved in many areas around the world. More than 100 missions trips have been made to Africa, Belize, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Fiji.

The goal of BMI is to ultimately develop each site into a self-sufficient mission, with well-equipped healthcare facilities staffed and operated by local medical personnel and volunteers. This takes time, manpower, dedication, and funding. BMI welcomes your support in all these endeavors.

Hawaiian Eye Foundation

Hawaiian Eye Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the preservation, restoration, and improvement of vision for people of the Pacific Basin through charitable service, education, and research programs.

Hawaiian Eye Foundation relies on volunteer ophthalmic surgeons, nurses, and techs for its eye care expeditions and training programs in the South Pacific, Viet Nam, and elsewhere in the Pacific Basin.

Open Heart International

Open Heart International provides the opportunity for those living in developing countries to receive the specialised health care that they deserve yet cannot access.

Experienced surgical and medical charity volunteers are needed for overseas projects in burns surgery, cardiac, eye surgery, oncology, and women’s health. This includes a variety of anesthetists, biomedical engineers, cardiologists, intensivists, medical consultants, orthoptists, pathologists, perfusionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, project coordinators, registered nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants, sonographers, and others.

Lattitude Global Volunteering

Lattitude Global Volunteering is a youth development charity that provides overseas volunteering opportunities for 17–25 year olds.

Community outreach volunteers are needed in Argentina, Ecuador, Fiji, and Malawi. Volunteer medical assistants are needed in Japan and Malawi.


Frontier is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that offers over 400 projects in 72 different countries around the globe. Volunteers who join a Frontier project make a valuable contribution in becoming active global citizens, committed to making a positive impact during their time abroad travelling.

The medical and healthcare projects allow skilled professionals to volunteer in under-resourced communities, helping those in need gain access to vital, potentially life-saving resources.

SEE International

SEE International is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable medical, surgical, and educational services through volunteer ophthalmic surgeons with the objectives of restoring sight and preventing blindness to disadvantaged individuals worldwide.

Fiji Aid International

Fiji Aid International is a nonprofit organization that conducts medical missions, with the help of volunteers, to provide free medical care to the people of the Fiji Islands.

Flying Doctors of America

Flying Doctors of America is a nonprofit organization that provides medical assistance and hope to the poorest of the poor. 
The organization brings together physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, other health professionals and non-medical support volunteers to care for people who would otherwise never receive professional medical care.