Serving Our World

Serving Our World, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children in remote communities all over the world through humanitarian relief. 

Healthcare professionals are needed as volunteers.

HealthCare Ministries

HealthCare Ministries (HCM) is the international medical evangelism outreach of Assemblies of God World Missions. HCM serves the international community in the areas of health education, psychosocial Intervention, disability awareness, community health evangelism, medical, dental, optical, pharmacy, and disaster response.

This link will provide a list of the many types of volunteer healthcare professionals HCM typically utilizes. If you do not see your profession, feel free to inquire.

HandsOn Shanghai

HandsOn Shanghai is an officially registered non-profit organization whose mission is to promote volunteerism and inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.

Baobei Foundation

Baobei Foundation is a charity whose purpose is to provide life saving surgeries to Chinese orphans born with gastrointestinal or neurological birth defects.

Medical volunteers, such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists, are needed.

Lingkod Timog

Lingkod Timog is a nonprofit organization that conducts charitable, educational, cultural, medical, and life enrichment activities to needy areas in the Philippines. 

Volunteers may join to assist on medical missions.

Agape Asia Foundation

Agape Asia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to help children who are orphaned, abandoned, struggling in abject poverty, and often suffering from heart conditions and devastating burns.

Volunteers are needed. Please see this link for more information.

Bay Area Surgical Mission

Bay Area Surgical Mission is a nonprofit organization of volunteer physicians, nurses, and medical technicians that provide free medical care and education in Camarines Norte, a remote province of the Philippines. 

Future Nepal

Future Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that welcomes volunteers for work on life-changing projects in various fields. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to design their own programme based on their skills and interests.

Community Health Post Volunteers are needed.

Healing the Children Southern California

Healing the Children Southern California is a newer branch of the national nonprofit organization Healing the Children. The chapter works in Nepal to provide surgical and non-surgical care to children and adults with foot and ankle deformities from childhood.

Healing the Children Orgeon-Washington

Healing the Children is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved children, in the United States and around the world, access the health care they need and deserve.

Medical teams volunteer their time and services to meet the needs of children around the world. Examples of medical professional volunteers are: surgeons, pediatricians, family practice physicians, anesthesiologists, surgical scrub nurses, PACU nurses, audiologists, podiatry, ophthalmologists/optometrists/opticians, dentists, and dental hygienists.

Healing the Children Florida-Georgia

Healing the Children Florida-Georgia provides free and specialized medical treatment to children in need in Florida, Georgia, and around the world.

Volunteer physicians, surgeons, nurses, therapists, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals provide services to children locally and internationally.

Healing the Children Arizona

Healing the Children Arizona is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping children from all over the world find life-saving medical treatment in Arizona, throughout the Southwest United States, and abroad.

Volunteer healthcare providers provide medical and surgical treatments to the children the organization brings to Arizona and the Southwest. Specialized teams of doctors, nurse educators, and other specialists volunteer abroad to work with local staff and help provide advanced training. Additionally, surgical teams volunteer to provide onsite surgeries and medical care in developing countries.

Child Welfare Scheme

Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) is a Hong Kong registered charity working in Nepal to empower communities to reduce poverty and improve the health, education, and opportunities of disadvantaged children and young people.

CWS is looking for volunteer such as social workers, nurses, doctors, child psychologists, and early childhood education specialists who can commit to at least five months of service.

Volunteers for China

Volunteers for China is a Christian nonprofit organization that facilitates volunteers, both short term and long term, for service in China.

Medical and nursing colleges in China have invited teams of four or more students, staff, or professionals to come and teach Chinese nursing and medical students. Also, volunteers will visit hospitals and clinics and dialogue with Chinese medical professionals.

Love Without Boundaries Foundation

Love Without Boundaries Foundation is a worldwide group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China.

The foundation sends volunteer medical teams to China occasionally. Please contact the organization if you are an expert in physical or occupational therapy or in another medical field.

Mae Tao Clinic

Mae Tao Clinic is a nonprofit community hospital which has provided health care to the Burmese refugee and migrant population in Western Thailand since 1989.

The clinic appreciates the volunteer assistance of trained medical professionals in a variety of medical fields.

Starfish Foster Home

The nonprofit Starfish Foster Home is a home for disabled or sick orphans in Southeast China who are awaiting or recovering from life-saving surgeries or medical treatment.

Volunteers make up the heart and soul of Starfish. One of the on-going volunteer needs is for long-term medical support. Doctors, nurses or other medical personnel, particularly those with pediatric training, are needed to help train Starfish staff and provide medical support for the babies.

ASE Foundation

The American Society of Echocardiography Education and Research Foundation (ASE Foundation) is ASE’s charitable arm, helping to assure the viability and visibility of cardiovascular ultrasound.

The ASE Foundation’s global health initiatives and humanitarian events program brings adult and pediatric cardiac care to areas in need, teaching local clinicians and providing direct patient services to at-risk communities. To date, missions have been held in India, Argentina, Vietnam, and Los Angeles.

Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited

Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited is a nonprofit organization which was established by a group of professionals in Hong Kong to promote quality of life for elders in China, to enable them to age with purpose, dignity, hope, and love. 

The foundation has a large team of medical professionals who volunteer their time, energy, and professional skills and experience to touch the lives of vulnerable elderly in China. They include ophthalmologists, geriatric doctors, family physicians, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, optometrists, dietitians, and nurses.

Red Thread Charities

Red Thread Charities is a Minnesota nonprofit that provides training to Chinese orphanage staff and facilitates medical and developmental care for children so that they can reach their full potential.

Red Thread Charities conducts medical trips to China in the spring and fall every year. Volunteer pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, registered nurses, pediatricians or family practice physicians, special education teachers, and speech therapists are needed.

Heart For Kids

Heart for Kids is an Australian nonprofit organization helping to bring change for orphans and children living in poverty in China, India, and Indonesia.

Heart For Kids welcomes skilled and unskilled team members alike.

Rural Community Development Program

Rural Community Development Program is a non-profit, philanthropic organization which encourages international volunteers to contribute in sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor.

Healthcare volunteering opportunities are available in Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam

International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of VietNam (IPSAC-VN) is a philanthropic organization of volunteer clinicians and support personnel. IPSAC-VN’s mission is to enhance the care of the children in Vietnam in a sustainable fashion by healthcare enhancing activities, workforce and institutional capacity building through educational and training exchanges, academic support, material and equipment, and delivery of outreach surgery to the remote highlands.

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life through provision of medical services and health education.

Volunteer medical professionals—physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and medical technologists—are needed in many areas within Taiwan and internationally.

Gospel Ministries International

Gospel Ministries International is a nonprofit organization which seizes opportunities to carry God’s love, through sacrifice, to the world.

Long-term volunteers may serve internationally or domestically in the areas of medical, dental, natural remedies, physical therapy, orphanage work, or social work.