It was by random chance I got to work with the GFR team in Jordan 2014. Turned out the organization they were working with in Jordan needed an extra translator, and I just so happened to be in Amman at the time.

One thinks they can anticipate the emotions they will have prior to getting to an actual refugee camp, but when I arrived I was slightly taken back. These people standing in front of me had their lives destroyed by war. I didn’t know what I could offer any of them. It was only a matter of time until that feeling went away.Seeing the GFR team members, medical staff and humanitarian volunteers, so selflessly give their time toward helping these people gave me hope in humanity.

They did not need to travel thousands of miles and spend their own money to help people who didn’t even speak the same language. Yet that’s what was so inspiring- love knows no bounds; no language, no color, no race. I was privileged enough to spend several days working with GFR as a translator, as well as providing basic triage and humanitarian assistance. I am most definitely looking forward to my next trip with them.

Thank you GFR for such a wonderful opportunity!


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