I went with Adam as a first time team member of GFR to Ethiopia last year.  At the time I was an EMT, and Adam invited me to come along suggesting it would be a great last hurrah for me before I started PA school a few months later.  

I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to finish PA school so I can join the team as a provider for many more trips! 
As an EMT, I helped with triage, check in, history taking, and some basic procedures (i.e. ear irrigation).  I fell in love with the country, the people, and the entire team of GFR and Tomorrow Come.  
I cannot recommend a better team or more competent and passionate leader than GFR and Adam!!!!!!!
Now I just need to get through these next two years….
Please support GFR in anyway you can, and if you have an opprotunity to go with GFR…TAKE IT!  I’ve already talked my girlfriend who is a RN to go with Adam to India later this year!!

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