Hoping to make life a little less difficult, I’ve created this post to formulate a master list of mobile applications to aid you in your travels and to help familiarize you with local customs and cultures that you may not be familiar with. Please feel free to add to this list and help us make the world a more familiar place!

www.tripadvisor.com –  up to date and reviewed hotels, tour information

www.cultureondemand.com – offering tips and info on both cities and countries while traveling

www.xe.com – offering up to date exchange rates

www.ciaworldfactbook.com – offering up to date data on all countries in the world

www.wikipedia.com – offering data as well as extensive history on countries of the world

www.medicalmissions.org – up to date info on missions by date and country

www.weather.com – current weather conditions worldwide

http://travel.state.gov – travel advisories, country information, and security issues

http://www.cdc.gov – up-to-date info on infectious diseases abroad