As the founder of this site, a question often asked by volunteers is how to get your trip funded. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this and usually many different entities that are willing to contribute to your cause. There are two important rules when approaching these potential donors: organization and information. Have an organized presentation such as a Power Point or at least a pamphlet describing who you are working with and what your mission will be. Donors want to know they are giving their money or supplies to a worthwhile and legit agency. Most of these agencies organizing mission trips are 501C3 tax exempt organizations. There are hundreds of groups out there asking for money and volunteers. Let your potential donor know why you chose this agency, that you did your homework about the agency, and express your passion for your cause!! Once they see this, they will likely respond positively and want to help with your trip. Some businesses may use it as a tax write-off for their company, some individuals or businesses may donate directly to the agency that you are going with on your mission. If you do get turned down, don’t be discouraged…there is always someone out there who is willing to help!!! Potential donors are numerous and can include churches, religious groups, universities, businesses, family, etc.