Mission work abroad can be very exciting and rewarding…truly an adventure you will remember the rest of your life. There are multiple ways to assure your safety on such missions. Here are a few I’ve learned along the way.

Prior to your trip:

1. Do some research on not only the agency you will be working with but also the country you will be working in as well. I’ve provided links to all of this information as you will see. The state department website is a wonderful resource and provides up to date travel advisories for all countries across the globe.

2. Register yourself with the state dept. smart traveler program. This program lets the state dept. know when and where you will be and gives them contact information in case of an emergency.

3. Get travelers medical insurance! Too many times, I have seen people injured while doing mission work abroad. Treatment overseas can be very costly as well as the cost of transportation home after the injury if serious enough to require a medevac. I’ve provided a section on this alone and listed multiple providers for this type of insurance. On the bright side, it’s really not that costly and it’s definitely worth the cost.

4. Make multiple copies of all your agency’s information and your locations and leave a copy with your spouse or family.

While in country:

1. ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH A BUDDY OR A GROUP!! In the Marine Corps, we called this the buddy system. You are responsible for your buddy, he or she for you. You travel together and return together.

2. Keep your passport on your person at all times. I recommend a money belt.

3. Try and keep the trip coordinator in the loop as to your whereabouts in case you and your buddy turn up missing.

4. In some countries, the agency you are working with may prohibit you from traveling on your own. This is the case for the work I did with Medicare, and it is for very good reason. Understand and respect these rules set forth as most times they are put in place for very good reason.