Communications are obviously a key component in planning a trip and coordinating logistics. Depending on the country, there may be several options available. Several aspects of communication are discussed here to help you along.

Cell phones – Cellular phone technology is usually an option in most countries, but varies depending on your type of carrier. To check and see if your carrier has coverage in the area you are operating in, or if they have a contract with another carrier in the area for coverage, simply give them a call. There may be an international plan available from your carrier if you do many of these trips. Be sure and make note of the rates with these plans as they can be a bit expensive. Data roaming fees can be very pricey so be sure you shut this option off on your phone as soon as you arrive in country unless you have a very good plan. Ask me sometime about the $900 dollar fee at@t leveraged on me for having my data roaming on for five minutes while in Peru…not a fun thing to deal with!!!

Satellite phones – These are always an option and provide coverage no matter what location you are in. There are numerous sites you can go to to either buy or rent a satellite phone.

Local area disposable phones –  Another option available is to buy or rent a temporary phone with a local carrier while in country.   Often this is simply accomplished by asking the agency you are traveling with how this can be done. This is a good way to save money if your home carrier will not suffice.

Walkie talkies – These are always good to have on hand to allow for easy communication while on ground with your team or group. Available for purchase online or at most chain stores like Walmart or Target.